4 May 2015

How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile

Hello friends after a long gap i'am back again with a new post.Facebook is world's best social networking site and used website after google in world more than 1 billion(1366 million) users having profiles or pages.most of the people are interested to make their pages and profiles verified.Today we are going discuss the very working method get a verified facebook page or profile.There are so many celebrities in facebook and also their fake pages or profiles.so to avoid this problem facebook introduce a concept called profile or page verification process to minimize the fake accounts.in that way we can understand that particular page is real or fake.So every user in facebook want to verify their pages.but facebook have some restrictions in this options we can only request Facebook to verify our page but it depend on facebook team verify or not as they only verify renowned people in the world.

What Is Verified Profile or Page 

Accrording to this new option facebook profiles and pages are claim as offial are verified by facebook team.You may have already seen many facebook profiles and pages with Blue color Tick Badge   like this  Next to page or profile Name.

How to Verify facebook Page or Profile

Facebook only accepts requests four types pages or profiles which are

  • Celebrities and public figures
  • Global brands and businesses
  • sports teams
  • media and entertainment

These are categories of pages that can verified by facebook very easily.If you have any of the above profile or page then there more chances of getting verified page and.when you create your page fill all real info about you or your businesses so facebook will get to know that you are a real person

1.Link To Your Profile or Page From Official Website on your page or profile you want to verify

2.Provide accurate information in details about your businesses in about of page or Profile.
In About Section You Must add,
  • significant long and short description 
  • Key word Who represend your businesses
  • Email
  • Offical Website
  • Products 
  • Verified Facebook Page Location with claimed businesses address
  • And other details in Page info tab

now you need request for facebook profile or page verification.follow the link given below fill real information

Request to get Verified Facebook Profile or Page 

  • Request a verified badge
  • To request for a verified badge page or profile you need to fill out this form.after filling the form hit on send and send it to the facebook, 

That's all fiends.hope you enjoy it.

29 Dec 2014

Tips You Should Follow to Avoid Game Crashes

Friends i'am a huge Fan of Gta,Prince Of persia Series,assassin creed games.While playing a high graphics game in a low graphics pc you feel disgust.Your game will be slow if the system doesn't meet the minimum requirements or you can't play it .I experienced it on my old pc.While installing High quality games you may encounter many errors.ll File Missing and Black screen while opening your game are two of major problems encountering during Game Installation.It easy to correct, but people with a few technical knowledge may feel hard to find out the errors and correct it .So this post will a great help to avoid most of the pc game errors.i'am explaining this using prince of persia forgotten sand which a high graphics games.

Tips You Should Follow to Avoid Game Crashes

  • Crack The game using Crack File
If you buy a original you will be get rid of many game crashing problems.but many people using copy of games because of its high price.So need to avoid all protection methods like cd checks,serial numbers and any other protection methods.A crack file is a method to get rid of all these protection methods.So you will have crack the game using crack file you can crack a game simply by a copying and replacing the original file crack file.
  • Use Latest DirectX/DLL File Error Fixer
There are lots error which can be occured because of bad game file,not fulfillment of minimum system requirements.Out these errors "the program can't start because ___.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix the this problem" error occures because of old directx and missing of latest dll files on your pc.This can solved by updating your drivers and directx.If the games requires dll files more than in latest directx you can get from here.You can also use Driver Pack Solution software for solving driver problems.
  • Buy High Graphics PC
Lack of Graphicsis one of major problems in most of games.Games Like Assassin creed and crysis are of high graphics.It needs high speed processor and ram.This can erased using graphic card and graphics softwares.Before buying a high graphics game keep in mind that you should validate your pc meets minimum requirements for the game.If your system doesn't meet basic requirements it never works on your pc.
  • Razor Game Booster
Razor game Booster will increase you pc speed and game speed.it is an powerful solution for PC up to get the absolute best performance of your system and games.It also helps you capture game so that you can share 

30 Jun 2014

Play Grand Theft Auto[Gta] 5 on Your Pc[Working]

Hi It a is great news from playstation3emulater team,Now they claims that with their PS3Emulator software you can Play Grand Theft Auto V(GTA V) playstation game in windows.wow such a great news ! i hope GTA 5 this will work 100% in windows.So now i'am going to purchase a playstation version of  GTA V.

GTA 5 is Rock Star Video Game which was released on sep 17,2013 for PlayStation and Xbox 360 consoles.This open world game features stories of three main protagonists:Michael,Franklin and Trevor whose stories are interconnected as they complete missions together.Throughout the game play players can swith between the protagonists as they work together  to accomplish an objective.

You all know that Gta 5 is a took record collection during its release.the critically acclaimed open world video game sold 11.21 millions units in 24 hours and generated more than $800 million in the worldwide.Three days after release the game has surpassed one billion dollars in sales. GTA V has broke records previously held by call of duty series and blockbuster movies including Avengers and avatar.It has set 6 sales Guinness world records.Here is a list of the GTA 5's record breaking achievements

  1. Best selling action adventure video game in 24 hours
  2. Best selling video game in 24 hours
  3. Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion
  4. Fastest video game to gross $1 billion
  5. Highest grossing video game in 24 hours
  6. Highest Revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours
  7. Most viewed trailer for and action-adventure video game.

What is PS3 Emulator

The PlayStation 3 is the 3rd generation home video game console in the PlayStation series from sony computer Entertainment.The console was released on Nov 11,2006.Playstation uses the cell microprocessor of 3.2 speed and 256 mb Ram.
A PS3 emulator is a program that allows a pc to emulate a different video game console's behavior.if you are a gamer but you don't have playstation 3 then you are going to need an PS3 emulator to play PS3 Games on your PC.This emulator is also compatible with PS1&PS2.
PSeMu3 is the best emulator avalable for windows and the first emulator to pla y non home brew games.
The beta version 1.0 was released on April 11,2012 created by cryptoxl33t and published by playstation3emulater.net.Using this emulator you can play blu-ray and you cal also play games from ISO

System Requirements

Note:These most depends on the game you play,but this should give you an estimate.

OS    : Windows
CPU : Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0Ghz or better
RAM: 2GB or more

How To Play GTA 5 in Windows

After you have downloaded the file,you will need to install the software package.follow the steps to install it and play it.

  • Double click on .exe setup file to start the installation process
  • Select the destination folder you would like to install.we recommend you to install it in the default folder.
  • The installation should complete after hardware test.
  • After installing PS3emulator you need to run it.Then you can see a screen like this

  • Then choose your file and drag it screen or go to File->Open and navigate to your game.If you are using blu-ray disc then select "From Blu-Ray" instead of from file.
Note:If you get the message "Application error" the application failed to initialize properly(0xc00000135) click on OK to terminate the application".This error is because you don't have Microsoft .Net Framework installed.Install it avoid error.{Link}

10 Jun 2014

How to Use Android Phone as a Webcam in Windows PC

Today i'am come with a interesting tutorial that helps you to save your money.Now i'am going to tell you how to change android camera into webcam for windows.Webcam is really an helpful and effective tool for chatting.If your relatives or friends are lives in abroad it is nice to see them than hearing their voice.So you may use your android phone for video chatting to see them and share your feelings.If so why can't you use a enlarged screen to see them and to chat more easily and effectively.Many people avoids computer for video chatting  because of necessity of an webcam.they laze to buy a new webcam when they having video chatting compatible mobile.Now you don't need to spend more money on webcam when having a android mobile phone with high resolution camera.
For this purpose we going to use DroidCam Wireless Cam app to connect your mobile to pc with usb cable/bluetoth/wifi.DroidCam app will turn your android phone to wireless webcam.It will allows you to chat on skype,google +,facebook and much more.This works with pc client component that installs webcam drivers and connect your computer with your mobile phone.
In this tutorial i'am going to explain how to connect android phone as webcam using usb cable.So lets start.

How to change android camera to webcam for windows computer

  • First of all you need to download DroidCam wireless webcam app for your device.You can get it from google play store.
  • After that download DroidCam windows client on your computer.This will install webcam drivers and we will use this app to connect your computer with your mobile phone.
  • After you have installed Droidcam app on your android device and Droidcam windows client on your pc.Connect your mobile to pc through usb cable.
  • Then open Droidcam app on your android and open client app on your pc.Then select usb option on pc client and click on start .
  • The client will try to detect  your android device and establish a connection.
  • If it works, you are done.
Friends this method successsfully working on samsung duos 2 s7282 .If it doen't works on your for device please refer to devapps.com for manual usb connecting info.

Note:Friends You have to Install your android device's driver in your computer.ifit doesn't installed in your computer this trick won't be work properly.So you can use a Driver updater software to install missing driver.i recommend you to use Drivertoolkit Updater Software.for updating driver you have to connect your mobile pc and run the updater software.it will show you misssing driver with your device's name.

5 Jun 2014

Incredible Tricks to Make Yourself a Youtube Master

Youtube, the most popular video sharing website and third popular website on the net.with more than 4 billion pageviews per day needs no introduction to its fans who spend a great amount time for watching and sharing videos.Youtube has a vast collection of songs,movies,tutorial and much more.Whenever you want to watch any new music release video,your favourite show missed on tv,live sports and much more are available there on youtube.It has become one best ways to watch any kind of videos.

While most of users know most of its feature buts its features and potential are deeper and complex.Still there are plenty of ways to improve your viewing experience.So may check this awesome tweaks to master youtube viewing

Watch Youtube Videos in Slow Internet Connection

You tube has added a new feature called feather beta which is dedicated users who wanted to play videos in slow internet connection.This is for those people who suffer from great amount loading time.This feature is intended to provide youtube vidoes with lowest  latency possible.This feathe feature is currently in its beta version so it is a work in progress and may not work in all videos

Bypass Country Restrictions/Age Restrictions

Some videos on YouTube are restricted to access only from specific countries.These videos will show you a message like "This Video is not available in your country".
This happen if the owner of this video has specified a particular geographic region to access his video and your IP address may lying out of it.You can by pass youtube's regional filter by using a VPN software or proxy servers.but here we have a simple method to bypass country restrictions on youtube.

Copy URL of youtube video which not available in your country and change it in the following manner
You have to remove watch? in the original video.

For Example
Original URL                        : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18
Restriction Removed URL    : https://www.youtube.com/v=XcXW-SPgF18

You can also skip age restriction by this trick.

Specific Start Time

Friends do you want to share a certain portion of video with your friends or did you want play video from specific time rather than from the beginning we have a trick.You can sett a custom start time by changing its URL.You only have to add specific time you wanted.
For example i wanted start video after 1.15 minutes, for that you have to suffix &t=1m15s to the URL

For Example
Original URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18
New URL     : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18&t=1m15s

This will automatically start video after 1.15 minutes

Accurate Video Search Results

Youtube has trememendous collection of video in each category.So you have to search every nook and corner of youtube.It may difficult to find out the exact file you want you have spend lots time searching for your required video.the solution for this problem is you have to add allintitle: to the search keyword.
You can see the change in picture that the search results 181000 has drastically reduced to 240.So that's when you add allintitle in the search query , the search query will show only those results with your search keyword as video title.

Avoid Keywords in Video Search

Similar to allintitle you can also avoid keywords that you don't want to see in your search results.You can do this by adding a minus symbol before the the keyword you doesn't want want to show up.
For example if you are searching for songs of Justin Bieber and you don't want "Baby" song in search result you can done this by Justin bieber -baby

Disable Autoplay

One most annoying feature of youtube is autoplay.you may often want to open more than one video at the same time but this autoplay will be great trouble if you have a slow internet connection.it will automatically loads video and opening more tabs will make a huge increase web page loading time.So we have stop this .This can done by using some extension.
  1. Google Chrome extension
  2. Firfox Extension

Enable Auto Video Replay

It happens often when you listen you favourite songs that you want to play it again on youtube.But youtube doesn't provide option for auto replay.but we have trick to to autoplay your favourite video or song.
To make a video autoreplay you have do a little change in your video URL.that is you have change youtube with infinitelooper

For Example
Original URL:Original URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18
New URL                          : http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=XcXW-SPgF18

24 May 2014

Top 5 Websites to Download Free Software

Looking for the latest and greatest apps to keep your machine's performance up to date. .We always search for best sites to download awesome new and old apps.Now your query is finished.Because i have compiled 5 virus free fully trusted sites to download software for your windows or mac machine.These are of great trust and all these sites are popular worldwide.These sites also provides further information about the software which allows you to know more about.


FileHippo is an awesome website which enables you to download freeware,shareware open source programs for windows.FileHippo is known for its simplicity.it very easy to use FileHippo and it shows you the latest updates and popular softwares in its homepage.All software 100% spyware and virus free.It focus on quality than quantity and they provides latest popular softwares for you.


It is the world's biggest legal download site.It is also popular for tech product reviews,news,videos,forums and how-to's.It allows you to download software.This site have more than 150000 free downloads.It feature Most Popular Downloads,latest Software reviews and how-to articles which help you to find what is right for you.You can downloads files from cnet at no cost and without registration or providing your personal information.


Softpedia is download portal where you can get software for Windows,Macintosh and Linux and mobile operating systems.It has freeware,Trialware,retail software downloads.It gives information on technology,science.This site has awesome collection game downloads.The Principal categories are Windows,Games,Drivers,Mac,Linux.Scripts,Mobile,handheld and News.


Softonic is an online repository where you can find apps,games and news.It provides software for operating systems such as Windows,Mac and Android.This sites features three most popular categories hot software,New Software and Latest updates which helps you find very useful apps for you and also software reviews help you find out software is good or not.


BrotherSoft has large collection of software for Windows,Mac,Linux,iPad,Blackberry and Android.It one among the top 5 leading software download websites.Brothersoft has more than 250000 freeware and shareware apps.This has 7 channel each of them are for specific purpose:Windows channel,Mobile channel,games channel,Mac Channel,Webapps channel,Widget channel and Driver channel.