5 Jun 2014

Incredible Tricks to Make Yourself a Youtube Master

Youtube, the most popular video sharing website and third popular website on the net.with more than 4 billion pageviews per day needs no introduction to its fans who spend a great amount time for watching and sharing videos.Youtube has a vast collection of songs,movies,tutorial and much more.Whenever you want to watch any new music release video,your favourite show missed on tv,live sports and much more are available there on youtube.It has become one best ways to watch any kind of videos.

While most of users know most of its feature buts its features and potential are deeper and complex.Still there are plenty of ways to improve your viewing experience.So may check this awesome tweaks to master youtube viewing

Watch Youtube Videos in Slow Internet Connection

You tube has added a new feature called feather beta which is dedicated users who wanted to play videos in slow internet connection.This is for those people who suffer from great amount loading time.This feature is intended to provide youtube vidoes with lowest  latency possible.This feathe feature is currently in its beta version so it is a work in progress and may not work in all videos

Bypass Country Restrictions/Age Restrictions

Some videos on YouTube are restricted to access only from specific countries.These videos will show you a message like "This Video is not available in your country".
This happen if the owner of this video has specified a particular geographic region to access his video and your IP address may lying out of it.You can by pass youtube's regional filter by using a VPN software or proxy servers.but here we have a simple method to bypass country restrictions on youtube.

Copy URL of youtube video which not available in your country and change it in the following manner
You have to remove watch? in the original video.

For Example
Original URL                        : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18
Restriction Removed URL    : https://www.youtube.com/v=XcXW-SPgF18

You can also skip age restriction by this trick.

Specific Start Time

Friends do you want to share a certain portion of video with your friends or did you want play video from specific time rather than from the beginning we have a trick.You can sett a custom start time by changing its URL.You only have to add specific time you wanted.
For example i wanted start video after 1.15 minutes, for that you have to suffix &t=1m15s to the URL

For Example
Original URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18
New URL     : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18&t=1m15s

This will automatically start video after 1.15 minutes

Accurate Video Search Results

Youtube has trememendous collection of video in each category.So you have to search every nook and corner of youtube.It may difficult to find out the exact file you want you have spend lots time searching for your required video.the solution for this problem is you have to add allintitle: to the search keyword.
You can see the change in picture that the search results 181000 has drastically reduced to 240.So that's when you add allintitle in the search query , the search query will show only those results with your search keyword as video title.

Avoid Keywords in Video Search

Similar to allintitle you can also avoid keywords that you don't want to see in your search results.You can do this by adding a minus symbol before the the keyword you doesn't want want to show up.
For example if you are searching for songs of Justin Bieber and you don't want "Baby" song in search result you can done this by Justin bieber -baby

Disable Autoplay

One most annoying feature of youtube is autoplay.you may often want to open more than one video at the same time but this autoplay will be great trouble if you have a slow internet connection.it will automatically loads video and opening more tabs will make a huge increase web page loading time.So we have stop this .This can done by using some extension.
  1. Google Chrome extension
  2. Firfox Extension

Enable Auto Video Replay

It happens often when you listen you favourite songs that you want to play it again on youtube.But youtube doesn't provide option for auto replay.but we have trick to to autoplay your favourite video or song.
To make a video autoreplay you have do a little change in your video URL.that is you have change youtube with infinitelooper

For Example
Original URL:Original URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXW-SPgF18
New URL                          : http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=XcXW-SPgF18


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