4 May 2015

How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile

Hello friends after a long gap i'am back again with a new post.Facebook is world's best social networking site and used website after google in world more than 1 billion(1366 million) users having profiles or pages.most of the people are interested to make their pages and profiles verified.Today we are going discuss the very working method get a verified facebook page or profile.There are so many celebrities in facebook and also their fake pages or profiles.so to avoid this problem facebook introduce a concept called profile or page verification process to minimize the fake accounts.in that way we can understand that particular page is real or fake.So every user in facebook want to verify their pages.but facebook have some restrictions in this options we can only request Facebook to verify our page but it depend on facebook team verify or not as they only verify renowned people in the world.

What Is Verified Profile or Page 

Accrording to this new option facebook profiles and pages are claim as offial are verified by facebook team.You may have already seen many facebook profiles and pages with Blue color Tick Badge   like this  Next to page or profile Name.

How to Verify facebook Page or Profile

Facebook only accepts requests four types pages or profiles which are

  • Celebrities and public figures
  • Global brands and businesses
  • sports teams
  • media and entertainment

These are categories of pages that can verified by facebook very easily.If you have any of the above profile or page then there more chances of getting verified page and.when you create your page fill all real info about you or your businesses so facebook will get to know that you are a real person

1.Link To Your Profile or Page From Official Website on your page or profile you want to verify

2.Provide accurate information in details about your businesses in about of page or Profile.
In About Section You Must add,
  • significant long and short description 
  • Key word Who represend your businesses
  • Email
  • Offical Website
  • Products 
  • Verified Facebook Page Location with claimed businesses address
  • And other details in Page info tab

now you need request for facebook profile or page verification.follow the link given below fill real information

Request to get Verified Facebook Profile or Page 

  • Request a verified badge
  • To request for a verified badge page or profile you need to fill out this form.after filling the form hit on send and send it to the facebook, 

That's all fiends.hope you enjoy it.


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